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2018 23/Jan

  Emma Kenny Making sense of it podcast – Episode 002     Join Emma Kenny in episode 2 of her podcast series ” Making sense of it”. Regular guests, alongside her husband will be joining Emma with light hearted discussion around life as we know it. Subscribe to keep up to date with all […]

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2018 11/Jan

Russell Brand Published on Dec 19, 2017 SUBSCRIBED 1.3MSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Psychological therapist Emma Kenny discusses new and forgotten ideas around personal growth, gained from 17 years working with people in crisis including some of the UK’s toughest estates.

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2017 4/May

Appropriate touch   m a great believer in starting to discuss uncomfortable touch with your children as early as possible. I tackle this subject in my new video blog. Em xx

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2014 7/Oct

 Tuesday 21st January 2014   Well it’s Tuesday and I am off for the day discussing my new business. It’s both exciting and terrifying and I feel one or the other dependant on my mood. Today is an excited ‘lots to do’ feeling day, equally last week it was a ‘can I please hide under […]

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