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2015 23/Mar

When I was a kid everything seemed possible. My imagination enabled an escape mechanism so powerful that I could simply disappear into myself. I watch my youngest boy carry on this trait, as if my genetics have coded him with the same defense mechanisms that worked for me as a child.I remember as a kid […]

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2015 14/Mar

Life rarely takes me by surprise. I am one of those annoying people who kind of takes life in their stride, makes plans and then works hard to achieve them. I believe that it’s important to set your mind on a goal and potentially this is why little room is left for the unexpected. But […]

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2015 7/Mar

Yesterday after a long and stressful day at work, full of frustrations, worries and concerns I finally walked through my front door. As ever I was welcomed by a large labradoodle, a limping kitten (though we think he is putting it on as he keeps forgetting which foot he is meant to have hurt) and […]

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2015 5/Mar

Lately my life has been stressful in a way I never truly anticipated it would be. I have always believed in keeping my world small and although I can regularly be seen on TV (at least in the past several years), I don’t pursue any ‘be seen’ opportunities as I don’t really see myself in […]

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2015 2/Mar

Sometime I feel locked in the past, not in a bad way, simply I forget that time has moved forward. I look at my two gorgeous boys now 12 and 10 and I can see that they are indeed an example of the transitions that must have occurred through my life. They no longer suckle on […]

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2015 27/Feb

  Well if locking myself out of my office on a very cold Friday morning has done anything for me (except make my fingers feel so cold that typing this is almost impossible) it’s given me the gift of an hour of unadulterated time to just sit down in a rather hipster cafe (everyone has […]

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2015 12/Feb

      Of all of the amazing moments and emotions that we experience in life, falling in love surely has to be the greatest of them all. Meeting that one person who seems to make everything worthwhile truly is a special time, so why do we struggle so much when it comes to making […]

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