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2017 4/May

Appropriate touch   m a great believer in starting to discuss uncomfortable touch with your children as early as possible. I tackle this subject in my new video blog. Em xx

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2017 29/Apr
Woman in nature viewing her mirror image

  The Open University and the importance of self-reflection   On Tuesday the 2nd May, I will be on the South Bank with the Open University as they launch an amazing reflective cube, with the aim of encouraging the nation to take ten minutes out of their busy days to think about their next life and career […]

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2017 19/Apr

Learning to be positive In this vlog I offer some of my top tips and advice for avoiding despondency and how we can begin to think more positively about ourselves. Em xx

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2017 5/Feb

Dealing with difficult people     Dealing with difficult people can be a little frustrating at times. In my latest vlog i discuss how to deal with 4 types of people that we all come across on a day to day basis. Don’t forget to share  Em xx  

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2017 27/Jan

SEXUAL ABUSESexual abuse is incredibly traumatic and has the power to ruin victims lives. Recognising that you are not to blame and seeking the support you deserve, can make a huge difference in your life.Em xxx

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